What is Zero Art?

Art, with a simple definition, is the sensory transfer of an individual’s feelings and thoughts. Art historian according to Ernst Gombrich (1995), defines it as “there is no such thing as art, there are only artists”.

Art is as old as the history of civilization; It has taken its place in every society by being shaped by different thoughts and styles. Many art movements have emerged until today. Let’s get to know one of them, the Art of Zero, together.

German artists Otto Piene and Heinz Mack Zero started the movement in 1957 to revive the art life of Germany, which was affected by the Second World War, and almost came to a standstill. Later, sculptor Günther Uecker was included among these artists. According to these artists, it was necessary to re-create it in art, just as post-war life was reshaped. This art movement has created works of art by combining materials that have not been used as artistic materials before, using non-traditional techniques. With the movement of re-establishing art, they called this movement Zero Art.

Maybe the sculptor Günther Uecker, as an indicator of the war, post-war trauma, made of nails, is one of the most interesting pieces of Zero Art for me.

Photo: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCnther_Uecker

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